Dental Insurance Claim Analyzer that Never Gets Tired
It's difficult, time-consuming, and repetitive for claim examiners to analyze every aspect of claims each day. We have automated this process to reduce costs and human errors.
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Automated Fraud Detection Platform
A platform that understands images, treatment notes, and prescriptions to determine the veracity of dental insurance claims. It provides an effective solution to detect and discourage fraud and abuse.
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Machine Learning for Dental Image Validation
Dr. Opinion's API offers capabilities such as detecting duplicated images, fraudulent manipulation, overtreatment, existent procedures, pathologies, and more.
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Profile Compatibility

A web platform that analyzes images to determine the veracity of dental insurance claims.

Image Authenticity

Reviews past claims to determine if each image is unique and has not been duplicated, edited, or manipulated.

Profile Compatibility

Extracts features from images, such as age, gender, and bone structure, to determine compatibility with the patient's profile.

Treatment Review

Detects dental pathologies and existent procedures from images and compares them with the treatment claimed.


With three simple steps, Dr. Opinion will be ready to enhance the capabilities of our customer’s system.

1 • Image Indexing

Images from previous claims are uploaded to our HIPAA compliant servers. Each image receives a fingerprint, a unique identifier, for easy comparison with future claims.

2 • Customization and Integration

The API is customised based on business rules, and our pre-trained models are fine-tuned. The platform is integrated by the insurer’s system.

3 • Usage

Dr. Opinion is ready to analyze and give a report for new claims showing inconsistencies and potential mistakes, abuse, or fraud. A custom dashboard will be delivered for further simulations.

The platform will keep learning and improving its accuracy after each new analysis.


Dentistry Reshaped by AI

Dr. Opinion is a web-based API designed to combat fraudulent dental insurance claims using artificial intelligence.

It analyzes radiographic images, treatments rendered, and practitioner notes to determine the veracity of dental insurance claims.

By automating claims processing, Dr. Opinion aims to provide an efficient solution to the prevalent fraud problem, reducing the workload, costs, and human errors in the health insurance industry.

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